The Communauté de Communes (Community of Municipalities) of Desvres-Samer initiated the plan to create the Village des Métiers d’Art.

Located in the heart of the Boulonnais region, just 20 kilometres from the sea, 35 minutes from the English coast and two hours from Belgium, the Communauté de Communes of Desvres-Samer has a membership of 31 municipalities, representing 21, 400  inhabitants and an area of 24,490 m². It possesses a rich natural and architectural heritage.

Since 1764, the municipality of Desvres has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for its know-how in the field of faience and owes its renown to the 'hand-crafted' reproduction of famous pottery decorations of, amongst others, Delft, Rouen and Moustiers.

The CCDS actively develops a policy of safeguarding crafts enterprises and of providing support for enterprise start-ups (all sectors combined) in the territory. It makes buildings and land available in economic zones, supports those planning business start-ups, assists in business establishment projects and implements a system for sourcing grants for the creation, improvement or safeguarding of economic activities. 

The CCDS also pursues an active policy of enhancing the tourist offer by promoting local products (gastronomy, farmhouse inns, gîtes and guest houses, craft workshops), informing the public via the Community Tourist Office and by developing tourist products (organisation of tours) and events.

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