Nathalie Fosse, atelier 5

Trade Sculptor

Art has always been of crucial importance in Nathalie Fosse’s life.

Born in 1969, she received Arts education and she distinguished herself at first through sculpture and modelling. Then, at the age of 35, she enrolled in the prestigious Saint Luc Institute in Tournai (Belgium) for a cabinetmaking  and furniture woodworking course. Nathalie Fosse lives and works in the north of France where she conceptualizes and carves functional and ornamental furniture, with a view to arouse curiosity, fantasy and sensation.

To this end she uses both traditional and modern techniques. She can make good use of the most varied and unusual materials (ostrich eggs, avocado skin…) that she harmonizes with precious wood, leather, metal or fabric. With their pure timeless lines, her creations are largely inspired by nature, giving perfectly accomplished shapes, beautifully crafted, which make them particularly refined and original.

Let yourself be carried away and discover precious, valuable and symbolically relevant works of art. Nathalie Fosse has put her heart and soul into them. She wants to arouse curiosity, imagination and surprise with both practical and designer furniture.

To phone him: +33 (0)6 75 21 50 86