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Job :Jeweler 

After graduating and years of professional experience in it and in the management of nursing homes, Pascal Vennin discovered metal work by chance. In 2011, he made his first attempts at transforming material there. Because he was so fascinated by jewels, he decided to train properly. And for two whole years, he took courses at the famous jewelry Tane school and followed jewelry crimping internships at the Pôle Bijou Baccarat workshop. Working with precious metal is carefully regulated in France. To guarantee the authenticity of precious metals to customers, each piece must be hallmarked. Pascal Vennin founded his company at the VMAD, and got his official hallmark license from the French Makers’ mark Custom service in Paris, in December 2013.

He designs rings, pendants, earrings, sterling silver or stone set brooches. He either uses his own stock of precious metal and stones, or reuses old metals to make new jewelry. His jewels are the expression of his creative talent, but he also really enjoys working with the help of his clients. Indeed, he likes repairing jewels, as well as designing new patterns.


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