Sarah Staub, studio 6



Who is she? 

She was born the 3rd of august in 1983 in Kinshasa. Since teenage years, Sarah Staub is fascinated by earth and clay. She started with studies in biology and a agronomics engineer certificate in 2009. At the same time, she did a formation at the Beaux-Arts of Tournai. She works with different arts (drawing, painting, sculpture) and she decided to choose the sculpture with clay. In 2016, she created her business in sculpture and she developped her artistic project. 


What does she makes?

Sarah makes sculptures, she's inspired by minerals and vegetals. Her sculptures are like roots pull off from the ground, and she reveals their fragility. From the begining, she's fascinating by this subject, and she uses that in drawing, test and all her creations. For her, the ground is the most important thing, the roots and the risk to be uproot. She won a regional price in 2017 "Prix régional Atelier d'Art de France". 


How does she work? 

Since 2009, she explores every techniques with clay, like colombin. She plays with little pieces of clay, that she assembles and spins. « With clay or ink, the work is accurate, repetitive, that the reason why she likes to work with simples techniques. The colombin technique is the most simple, but also the most sensual: hands work directly with clay, and it's better to feel the voluptuous work. 


How to find her?

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