Patrick Bourgeois, 1 studio

Job : Polished concrete furniture designer

Patrick has developed a taste for beautiful things as a child, while spending time with his great-uncle, Mr. Achille Bentos. This artist-painter-sculptor is most notably known for creating a bronze figure for the city of Ghent, in memory of the victims of the Great War. After attending a course at the higher national schools of architecture (Ecole St Luc) in Tournai (Belgium), Patrick also became interested in construction. Following his training, he started a successful career as an executive manager in large industrial construction groups; this allowed him to experience and become familiar with resin composite repair and other concrete repair techniques. Along with his professional activities and responsibilities, Patrick also started to design his first furniture: "cubes" that he enjoyed creating for fun. Patrick perfected his technique in a self-educated manner technique and based his work on his experience and extensive knowledge of the products. His family life pathway eventually brought him to the Côte d’Opale (in northern France), where Patrick gave up his job in order to start a new life, creating polished concrete furniture and finally making a living from his passion. He joined the VMAD during the summer of 2015.

Patrick designs home furniture: coffee tables, bedside tables, consoles, lamps and desks. He develops his own creations and likes to customize them, bringing his clients’ dreams to reality or giving existing furniture a new look. He also makes polished concrete floors and other resin flooring. Not only do they have a smooth satin finish, they also offer an interesting resistance for both new installations and renovation works.  Patrick can provide with over 200 different colour tones and applies this new trendy material on professional or private work sites. 

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Photo credit : Anteale