Maxime Orhant, studio 8



Who is he? 

Maxime Orhant was born in August 1985 in Montreuil sur Mer (62). He started with studies in applied arts, and after his graduation, he worked as graphic designer for a compagny and self employed. He did graphical charter, books and website for singers: Lokua Kansa, Manu Dibango, Richard Bona, Yaël Naim. In 2016, he tried to work in 3d. His curiousity and his perseverance leads him to research to find a new material, a kind of resin. Thanks to this new material he makes modelling, and imitate stone, clay, concrete. He uses many different substrate and put his material on it to create sculpture. 


What does he make?

Maxime creates "Cochiens" ! They are strange animals, coming from Maxime's imagination. It's a mix between pigs and dogs. Sculptures are used as table, stool, or just for decoration. They can be exposed in your house or your garden. Sculptures are hand made with Maxime's magic material. The Cochien is just a step in Maxime's thinking on objetcs and what he will create. 


How does he work?

Maxime uses grid most of the time to make the shape of the sculpture. Then he puts many coats with his resin. It takes lot of time to finish the sculpture, to put colors, and have a expressive creation. Maxime's studio is a laboratory where he tests his material and explores very possibility.  


How to contact him?

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