Guillaume Charrier, studio 7

Cabinet maker


Who is he? 

Guillaume Charrier was born in 1991 in Boulogne sur Mer (62). When he was 7 years old, he participed to a workshop with a stone carver, and it was a revelation. After that, he started to learn and know everything about sculpture and creation with wood. He did a formation art Saint Luc (Belgium) 5 years. He learned 4 years how to create furnitures and then 1 year for sculpture with wood. He did training course with different professionals like Christophe Charbonnel in Paris. In 2016 he started his activity with a specific incubator in Boulogne sur Mer in order to test his business. In July 2017 he created his own business : Fabrik Charrier. 


What does he create?

He restores and creates furnitures. Thanks to his knowledge in history of art, he restores furnitures from past and also creates modern furnitures in wood (chair, tables, cabinet...). Since 2017 he designed a new collection of mode accessory bow ties with wood. He likes to work with other people, that the reason why he gives workshop to learn to work with wood. 


How does he work?

He uses traditionals techniques: lcasting, modelling, sculpture. He also uses wooden pallet and mix different material like metal, wood, resin. 


How to find him?

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