The VMAD shop

The VMAD shop offers a selection of the most beautiful objects and creations crafted by craft professionals in the region and across France.

It is the ideal place to search out unique, handmade gifts made from earthenware, wood, glass and fabric. For more information about the work of the artisans, biographies are available from Emily at reception (link to 'the managers').

What will I find there?

Bowls, cups, glasses, plates, knife rests, butter dishes, jam pots, salt cellars and pepper pots, serving dishes, teapots, sugar bowls, pitchers, serviette rings, vases of all shapes and materials, tidy trays and candlesticks, glass tealight holders, stem vases, lamps, ceramic animals and hats, piggy banks, jewellery boxes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, glass beads, cufflinks, Babey heat pads, cherry stone cushions, dish towels, handbags and ties with Calais lace, buttons and exercise-book covers in Japanese fabric, lighter holders, bookmarks, books on traditional Desvres faience, magnets made from Desvres tile faience, board games and small furniture objects made from driftwood, and much more...

Who will I find there?

  • Emmanuel Battesti *, designer of objects made from driftwood
  • Julie Bernard*, stained glass artist
  • Jean-Luc Breuvart, designer of floral compositions – dried flowers
  • Gérard Caux *, wrought iron craftsman
  • Bruno Chochoy *, ceramist
  • Julie Decriem *, glass artist
  • Anicet Delattre *, ceramist
  • Isabelle Delbaere *, designer of textile objects
  • Marie Desrousseaux *, porcelain painter
  • François Dewisme *, stoneware potter
  • Camille Fourmaintraux *, ceramist
  • Murielle Grégoire, designer of accessories in Liberty fabric
  • Jean-Marie Guilloux*, wood turner
  • Séverine Hennequart*, metal enameller
  • Francine Herbillon, ceramist
  • Séverine Lefranc *, ceramist
  • Olivier Lemaître*, designer
  • Carolina Léon Firrell, porcelain painter
  • Jeannie Lucas, visual artist
  • Valérie Maguin *, designer of textile accessories
  • Frédérique Malinverno*, puppet maker
  • Claire Marfisi, ceramist
  • Rita Martel-Euzet, writer
  • Dijana Melvan, ceramist
  • Pascale Meigneux*, jewellery designer
  • Entreprise Paschal*, campanologist-clockmaker
  • Sylvie Pilon*, mosaic artist
  • François Piton, writer
  • Claire Poly*, decorator – stucco plasterer
  • Thomas Poulain*, cabinetmaker
  • Sébastien Prisset*, stylist-fashion designer
  • Lolita Tchelkina, jewellery designer 
  • Laurent Trébout, raku potter
  • Michèle Sauvalle, glass artist
  • Liney Serrano, ceramist
  • Christel Valenza, designer of lamps and objects made from aluminium wire
  • Max et Guillaume Vandermalière*, marble worker, stonemason and designer
  • Pierre Vanhems *, decor painter
  • Dorothée Vantorre *, designer of costume jewellery in polymer clay
  • Hervé Vasseux, marquetry inlayer
  • Daniel Vaudran*, ceramic-thrower
  • Claire Wolfstirn, jeweller

(*: professionals in the Nord-Pas de Calais)