The aim of the VMAD is to offer the public an introductory insight into today's craft professions. Windows on the first-floor passageway look over the workshops, offering visitors a view of the unique world of the young artists and artisans plying their trade there and to gain an understanding of the tools and materials with which they work. Interpretation boards explain who the artisan is and what their specialist trade is. The professionals’ creations and collections are presented in display windows.

These visits are open to all: individuals, groups, students, associations etc.

Since the VMAD is in its launch phase, 5 artisans are installed at present but a guided visit is now available. Accompanied by Vincent, the visit includes: 

the screening of a 10-minute video about the region

  • a presentation on the craft professions
  • a presentation on the building, the concept of the VMAD, its purpose and expectations for the future
  • an introduction to 5 crafts (mosaic artist, ceramic-thrower, stucco plasterer, decor painter, saddler-harness maker) 
  • a visit of the temporary exhibitions: “Complicités artistiques” and “Vertigo” by Frédérique Malinverno. 


For groups, a guided visit followed by participation in an ‘introduction to the crafts’ workshop with an artisan is also possible upon request.

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