Adapted support


THANKS TO SPECIALIST AND PERSONALISED SUPPORT, professionals are guided as of the very earliest phases of their project

  • advice and orientation for project initiators, and support in the preparation of preliminary files (business plan, market research), thanks to a partnership with the Chamber of Arts and Crafts, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Littoral Opale BGE (together for action and enterprise)
  • specialist support in the crafts sector: networking, information watch on competitions, trade fairs, exhibition venues etc.
  • collective activities and training actions on a variety of themes 
  • to help new entrepreneurs in the various aspects of the development of their business (e.g. the statutes of craft professionals, calculation of production costs, how to protect a product via the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI) etc.). 
  • being put in touch with specialists and with the local economic fabric 

An added advantage: thanks to the Plateforme Boulogne Initiative and under certain circumstances, new craft entrepreneurs can obtain an interest-free loan for business start-ups (no interest and no surety required) in order to create a starting cash balance and to meet working capital requirements.