The building and its HEQ design

This building was unequivocally intended to be exemplary, both in terms of the varied uses of its amenities and its High Environmental Quality design and build standard. Thanks to the ARIETUR integrated architecture group and the Solener consultancy, it was possible to incorporate 14 criteria of the HEQ standards, with strong points in certain aspects. 

The building was carefully designed in the light of current thinking on bioclimatic architecture (that is to say, taking account of the environment of the site) in order to optimise energy management: 

  • it faces south in order to maximise the capture of solar energy, 
  • the materials used (wooden framework and cladding, green roof) were chosen for their insulation and thermal inertia properties, 
  • the use of solar energy via solar panels is optimised thanks to the inclination and orientation of the roofs,
  • waste water is treated in a treatment pond by means of a lagoon-based system

This global vision for the building is undoubtedly of benefit to the studio occupants, who enjoy high levels of natural light irrespective of the weather outside...