The partners

Project ownership 

The intention of the project owners (the Community of Municipalities of Desvres Samer) was to construct an exemplary building in terms of environmental quality. To accomplish this, it turned to a project management team specialising in eco-construction:

  • Project management: the firm of architects Ariétur GIE
  • Technical design consultancy: V2R Ingénierie & Environnement (management of waste, water and drainage, energy management) 
  • Design consultancy Solener (acoustics, energy)
  • Design consultancy Euro Ingénierie

Financial partners:

Representing an investment of €3,621,475 million, the VMAD benefited from a subsidisation level in excess of 72%, awarded by:

  • Europe (FEDER): €101,981 (2.82%)
  • Central Government (Rural Centre of Excellence): €823,870 (22.75%)
  • The Nord-Pas-de-Calais Regional Council: €1,000,000 (27.61%)
  • The Pas-de-Calais Departmental Council: €470,654 (13%)
  • The French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME): FEDER €159,409 (4.4%) and FRAMEE €54,053 (1.49%)
  • And the CCDS (the Community of Municipalities of Desvres Samer): €1,011,507 (27.93%).

Operational partners:

In order to provide support to new entrepreneurs for their projects prior to joining the incubator, a partnership was set up with the Boulogne-sur-Mer Côte d’Opale Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Trades and Crafts. An agreement formalising this collaboration was signed on 3rd December 2009.