What is a business incubator?

A business incubator is a structure that advises, accommodates and supports the project initiator and the new enterprise. It thus contributes to the success of new enterprises by reducing the obstacles that arise for business start-ups.

What services are offered by a business incubator?

  • Premises that are tailored to the activity
  • Shared facilities and services, offering reduced overheads
  • Support for project initiators and entrepreneurs 
  • A network of partners facilitating the integration of the entrepreneur into the local economic fabric

What specific services are offered by the VMAD?  

  • Art studios for rent 
  • Shared facilities
  • Adapted support
  • Significant visibility

Who is a business incubator for?

The business incubator is for entrepreneurs at different stages of maturity of their project:

  •   projects at the incubation stage: the innovative project at its development phase (detection and validation of ideas). 
  •   project initiators: when the business plan is under preparation or when sourcing for financing has been initiated,
  •   pre-start-ups: business registration is imminent, the new entrepreneur has urgent need of premises,
  •   recent start-ups: the business is already registered with the Enterprise Formalities Centre.

Who is the VMAD incubator for?  

The VMAD incubator is exclusively for craft professionals.